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Please always follow our rules when using the Health Watch forums.  Failure to follow the rules could lead to your posts being deleted or even your account being terminated.

Our rules are as follows:


Always be polite - Please always respect people, be polite and never swear.

No spamming or advertising - Do not post links or blatant advertising for products or services.

No Hijacking - Do not take over people's posts, if you have your own question or subject then please post it as a seperate post.

Avoid Repetition - If you have a question or point of view then please always first check to see if the subject is already being tackled in a live thread and join in the discussion there before posting your own new subject.

Post in the correct category - Please always make sure that you post your thread in the most relevant category.

Have fun! - Enjoy the forums, share your experiences and learn from them.  Overall, have fun!



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