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Top Ranked Product : Provillus

No matter what - Do NOT buy any hair loss product before reading this! 

We're serious!

As you know, we review different areas of the health market on a regular basis to see what's safe, what actually works, and what's just a scam and this time we've looked into the hair loss treatments on the market in a comprehensive hair loss reivew and what we've found has truly shocked us.

If you're looking at buying a hair loss remedy you're going to want to read this hair loss treatment review first!

There are plenty of hair loss treatments out there that drastically range in price and effectiveness and our expert panel has tested the vast majority of them in our hair loss reviews.  From hair loss pills, to hair loss potions, to hair loss shampoo's to everything else out there to do with hair care and hair loss - We've tried them.  What we found in most cases deeply concerned us.

First we carried out a Hair loss shampoo review.  Now let us say this - If you're losing your hair do NOT buy a hair loss shampoo...Don't buy ANY of them!  You may think we're saying this because we found them to be ineffective, and you'd be right, but our findings got a lot worse than that...

Not one single hair loss shampoo from the dozens and dozens we checked over a 6-12 month period increased hair growth or even decreased hair loss in any way.  Forget all those before and after pictures, a hair loss shampoo simply does not work. 

Not only that but we found many of the so-called 'hair loss shampoos' to actually INCREASE hair loss!


The problem is that hair loss occurs due to what is going on INSIDE the body, therefore applying shampoo to the OUTSIDE of your head simply doesn't work.  Many will claim that it 'penetrates' into the scalp etc. but this really isn't the case.  It is simply cleaning your hair.  The problem there is that shampoo by its very nature contains cleaning agents and detergents which are very HARMFUL to the hair and scalp.  All those added colors, perfumes and cleaning chemicals can actually SPEED UP your hair loss rather than prevent it.  We found this in almost every case and therefore we cannot advise enough that we see absolutely NO evidence to support ANY hair loss shampoo, and we would even go to the extent of saying that you will actually keep your hair for longer by NOT using one.  So, this month, our first tip is to steer clear of any shampoo's regardless of their price, claims or amazing before and after pictures.

We advise do not use ANY hair loss shampoo product at all.

Simply wash your hair or scalp with warm (not hot water) and massage the scalp to stimulate blood flow and to thoroughly cleanse.  Then, rinse with cold water (as cold as you can comfortably manage) for around 30 seconds to a minute.  This helps clean the hair more than you think and stimulates rapid blood flow to the roots of the hair which can have a dramatic impact on the health of your hair.

Next we looked into the 'lotions and potions' market...

Our hair loss treatment reviews inlcuded the numerous hair loss lotions that you apply to your scalp and rub into your hair.  Once again you have to question any topical treatments (a 'topical treatment' is something applied to the outside of the body).  We found minoxidil to be pretty much ineffective despite being the chemical most well known for stimulating hair growth.  We didn't find ANY regrowth whatsoever in any of our tests and only found a very small amount to actually reduce hair loss.  This means if you've already lost all your hair then in our opinion this will not help to get it back.  If you're simply thinning or still in the process or losing your hair (i.e. you have some hair left to try and retain) then in a very small percentage Minoxidil helped to prevent further hair loss.  However, this was in the minority and there can be a lot of side effects caused by Minoxidil including possible heart and blood pressure problems.  Combine this with the fact that it can sometimes take years (if ever!) for it to actually start working then you have to once again question the risk and financial gamble of this.  We found plenty of different Minoxidil products out there that varied in price dramatically.  The fact is that Minoxidil is pretty much Minoxidil regardless of what 'product' or 'brand' it is bottled as.  So if you ARE going to try Minoxidil then we'd advise just buying the cheapest one you can find.  In our tests we didn't find the more expensive products to be any more effective than the cheaper ones.

Finally on our list was the hair loss pill market... 

We finished with our hair loss pill review.  This is a much smaller market which we like, because it means that what is there is probably better as fraudsters and 'get-rich-quick' people prefer to cash in on the biggest markets (which seems to be the lotions market).  And we were right.  We found a couple of the hair loss pills to actually be effective in at least stopping further hair loss and some even helped with regrowth.

We did find many completely ineffective pill products that in many cases contained ingredients not even associated with hair loss.  Others were simply ridiculously overpriced costing in hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars and requiring years and years of use before seeing results, which in many cases could be too late!


We did find something that works!

The product we found in our hair loss review that really worked in not only stopping hair loss but in actually helping to REGROW new hair was Provillus.  We were really impressed.  The price was higher than we would have hoped although for a product that actually works I suppose it is to be expected and at the moment there is a special offer of getting an additional 2 months free supply when purchasing 4 months which works out a lot less per month than a lot of the other so-called hair loss remedies out there that don't work at all.  We were surprised, but in almost ALL our tests this hair loss pill actually seemed to do what it claimed.  As a pill it works from within the body which is obviously a good thing, and we noticed no side effects or draw backs whatsoever, just astounding results.  They have a two different dedicated remedies, one tailored for male hair loss and one for female hair loss.

As the product claims, some people can expect to see results within a few months but we would always advise never to expect miracle results overnight with ANY product.  You can't expect years of hair loss to be wiped out in 4 weeks!  This is just as true with this product, we would advise on seeing really good results within 4-6 months.  We saw hair loss stop a lot faster than this, but then saw regrowth and thickening of hair.  They have a dedicated remedy for both men and women.  This product really did work! We would advise following the simple free tips we can give you along with this product as the only way of actually regrowing new hair and stopping hair loss.  We'll give you a few tips at the end of this review.

You can click here to visit the Provillus site with the special offer of 2 months free.

So how do I stop hair loss and regrow new hair?

We would advise using Provillus along with following some simple tips:

Never use Shampoo - As stated earlier, we didn't find any hair loss shampoo to actually work and believe all shampoo's to be harmful to long term health of hair.

Wash hair with cold water - This stimulates blood supply and can really help thicken hair.

Don't blow dry hair - Let hair dry naturally for best hair health.

Get a head massage from yourself, partner or therapist as often as possible - Again, this stimulates blood flow to the root of the hair follicle which helps to keep the root alive and therefore to maintain hair growth there.

Try tapping a brush gently over your scalp for a couple of minutes every morning and evening to stimulate blow flow further to follicles.

Eat a healthy diet - Diet and the correct nutrients can really help with hair health.  Poor diet or nutrient intake can affect your hair before anything else.

Drink at least 2 litres of water per day.

Finally, we are happy to say that this month we have a product that we believe really works so would advise that if you are going to purchase a hair loss product of any type then to try Provillus.

Next month we will be looking into the Acne market to reveal our results on the acne products we have tested over the past 6 months.  We've got some really helpful findings for you.


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