Things to avoid hair loss

If you are suffering from hair loss then you may be desperately searching around for hair loss remedies and cures.  Maybe you are even using some already.  However, whether you are treating your hair loss with hair loss remedies or not, there are a few key things that you can do to help slow down or even stop your hair loss that you can do straight away and won't cost you a penny.  If you're treating your hair loss then these can help the remedy be even more effective and if you're not then it may be a case of following the points below will be all you need to do.

Avoid Cheap Shampoo's

We cannot stress this one enough.  It really shocks us how damaging some shampoo's are, even so-called "hair loss shampoo's".  We revealed some shocking results in our hair loss review and so we still urge people to read this, absorb the information and make use of it.  Shampoo's can seriously damage your hair, especially if you are already suffering from hair loss.  The real ingredient to avoid is sodium lauryl sulfate which unfortunately is in the majority of shampoo's and especially the cheaper ones.

Avoid A Bad Diet

This may sound like really generic advice but it seriously does have a large impact.  Fattty foods and a diet lacking the right nutrition and vitamins can have an absolutely huge impact on the health of your hair.

The USA has the highest rate of obesity, it also has the highest rate of baldness.  This is not a coincidence, this is because a poor diet can trigger and accelerate hair loss.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet that is low in fats and sugars and high in vitamins and minerals will help your hair to last longer and can significantly help to slow down hair loss.  See our hair loss diet article for more information on this.

Steer Clear Of Alchohol And Caffeine

Unfortunately, alchohol and caffeine are both very bad for the health of your hair.  Both of these can accelerate your hair loss and although cutting them out may not stop you losing your hair in the long run, it will certainly slow things down and give your hair more of a fighting chance.

Research is beginning to show that caffeine can be good to treat hair loss when applied topically to the scalp, however, do not confuse this with it being good for your hair to drink coffee every day!

Reduce Inflammation And Irritation

A lot of hair loss, even male pattern baldness, is accelerated by inflammation which can damage the hair follicles.  This is why many people who are beginning to lose their hair experience scalp itching and discomfort sometimes.  There are many natural remedies that cost very little or may already even be in your cupboards at home.  These will help to relieve the symptoms of itching and irritation but will also help the general health of your scalp and hair, helping to reduce hair loss.  One of the most common natural remedies is applying castor oil and other such oils that have soothing properties.  Simply apply to the scalp and rub in and then leave it to soak in for around 20 minutes, then wash it out.  The results can be surprisingly good.

Avoid Damage

Hair damage is easily done and minimising it will help to maintain health and quality of your hair.  While this may not directly stop your hair loss, it can make your hair look thicker and have more chance of surviving your daily battle with hair loss.

Hair damage comes in many forms.  Things to avoid if at all possible is excessive combing or brushing, scratching and itching of the scalp (see above) and also blow drying hair.  If possible, always just towel dry hair gently and allow it to then dry naturally.  You may also wish to minimise the use of hair products which can clog the scalp or damage the hair when being washed and removed.