Provillus Reviews UK

This is a big brand hair loss remedy that makes some very bold claims, but our Provillus review shows both good and bad points about Provillus so don't make a purchase just yet!  We have conducted a full Provillus review before in the past and it has always come out on top out of all the many hair loss products we have reviewed.  However, it isn't all good news and you need to read this entire review to really get the full information as to whether it is the remedy for you.


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You may have searched for Provillus reviews UK before but most reviews are American which don't seem quite as applicable so we therefore thought we would publish our own Provillus review UK report so you know what to think about this product.  Incidentally, if you are simply looking to purchase Provillus, then we found a free Provillus supplies link which gives you a couple of free months supply.


Our Findings

Firstly, Provillus is the only hair loss product that contains an FDA approved hair loss treatment.  This instantly gives it some credibility as this means that full Provillus reviews must have been conducted by the FDA and real results must have been seen as the FDA closely regulate the claims that a product can make.  No other hair loss product has this approval.


A good thing about Provillus is that they have two separate treatments.  There is Provillus for men and Provillus for women and each one is targeted at the main causes of hair loss in each respective sex.   In our Provillus review we looked at both treatments and found them both to be equally effective as each other in the sex that they were aimed at.  However, the mens remedy seemed to take longer to see results compared with the womens remedy.


Provillus comes in pill form and is easy to take and allows the body to break down the ingredients and use them effectively from within.  It works to first slow down hair loss and then eventually stop it.  We found that the results were not instant and did require at least 6 weeks of treatment to really start seeing proper results.  From there it started to help to thicken existing hair and even regrow new hair in both the men and women that it was tested on.  This means that this really is an effective hair loss treatment that actually does what it claims to do.


A point worth raising here is that you must continue to take the pill religiously in order to get results and then maintain them.  Taking the pills for a month, then leaving it for a few weeks before you get your next pack simply will not work, you need to make sure that you follow the guidelines to the letter and do your very best not to miss any treatment.  Missing one or two treatments every now and then will not be a problem, but leaving weeks or months in between treatment will undo all of the hard work.  This is the only downside that we really found in our Provillus review, but as long as you are able to buy supply in advance and make sure that you always have some laying around then it isn't really too much of a problem as it takes just seconds to complete the daily treatment.


The Downside

So what really is the downside?  Well, our Provillus reviews have really shown us that there are some hair loss pills that really work.  However, you have to be realistic with your expectations.  Nobody in our Provillus review grew hair overnight!  This is a long term treatment that takes time and patience and achieves results slowly but surely.  One thing that our Provillus hair loss review really highlighted is that you need to have the commitment to use the product everyday and incorporate it into your daily routine in the same way that you would with other simple tasks such as brushing your teeth.  The other downside to this other than inconvenience is the ongoing cost.  Using something long term can obviously become expensive.  We have therefore searched high and low to find the best price and can reveal that you can click here for a Provillus discount which gives you free additional supplies and also delivers to anywhere in the world on a daily basis.