Hair loss in women can be very concerning and due to the fact that hair loss is often only associated with men, it can sometimes feel like treating female hair loss is something that has been overlooked.

You will find no shortage of information about male hair loss, but what about hair loss in women?

Believe it or not, more and more research is going into female hair loss and advances are being made.  There are a number of different types of female hair loss, from simple stress-driven hair loss through to alopecia.  However, just like male pattern baldness, females do have a tendency to start losing hair as they grow holder.  Female hair can go through a similar process to the male pattern baldness known as miniaturisation.  This is when a hair follows its natural cycle of falling out but when it grows back it is slightly smaller and thinner.  This continues on each cycle until eventually the hair is so fine that it simply doesn't grow back again.  This can lead to a baldness effect or simply much thinner and wispier hair.

There are a number of treatments for men that do really work.  So much money and research has been put into finding remedies that really work that real advances have been made and there are plenty of treatments available to men that completely stop hair loss and some that even reverse it and help to grow hair back.  However, where does that leave hair loss in women and treating female hair loss?

Well, one of the leading hair loss remedies for men is a hair loss pill called Provillus, but now there is Female Provillus which seems to be just as effective as the male version, if not more so.

It is the only hair loss pill that includes FDA approved ingredients and the results have been staggering.  The pill is simple and easy to take and is great at treating female hair loss from within the body, therefore allowing your body to make use of the ingredients to the maximum extent.  It then acts to completely stop hair loss in women and can actually help to even reverse hair loss and help to regrow new hair.

This means that you can look to have thicker hair and more of it with ease.  We advise that you make use of this link to purchase as it includes a discount in order to get it at the very best price.

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