How long until hair cloning 

For thousands of years, men and women have had to endure hair loss with little hope.  However, over recent years science has led to research and discoveries that have looked very promising.  There are now hair loss pills and treatments that are scientifically proven to work and they are continually getting better (see our hair loss review for our findings).  Then of course there were hair transplants, but now there is the emergence of hair cloning.


How long until hair cloning happens?


Hair cloning has been on the cards for a while now.  It has been researched and looked into since the cloning of Dolly the sheep.  The prospect of being able to advance the standard hair transplant that exists at the moment obviously holds huge rewards for whoeverdevelops the process.  At the moment, a hair transplant involves taking hair from the back and sides of the head where hair is not affected by DHT and hair loss.  This is then transplanted to the top of the head to replace hairs that fallen out.  As the hairs come from the donor themself, the body does not reject the hair and it is accepted.  Many people ask why hair can not be "harvested" from other people (either those willing to sell their hair or possibly even those who have passed away) and the reason is quite simply the high chance of the body rejecting the foreign hair.  Hair cloning therefore offers the real chance of overcoming this problem and planting new hair without the pain, scarring and limitations of having to take it from somewhere else on your body in the first place.


So, how long until hair cloning happens?  Well, believe it or not, although we can actually clone a full living sheep, cloning hair is actually a much harder task.  Due to various reasons hair cloning has not proven to be as easy as some people may think.  The root of the hair shaft is complicated, especially in geting it to regrow and growing these in a test tube to then implant later on has come with many problems.  That being said, the question of how long until hair cloning happens does have a definitive answer that it is almost definitely going to happen.  The only question is when.


At present, it still isn't where it needs to be.   A lot of research is being done and advancements are definitely being made.  However, if you are in the process of losing your hair now and asking yourself "how long until hair cloning happens?" in the hope that you will be able to have a hair cloning procedure done before you lose it all, then I am afraid that you are probably out of luck.


As the procedure of hair cloning has not been perfected yet, there are still many years that lay ahead.  Even after the procedure is perfected, there will then have to be tests, trials and practice surgeries on specific subjects first.  This means that at present, hair cloning looks to be a good few years away.  In fact, the answer to the question "how long until hair cloning happens" is probably "at least a decade", according to experts.


In the meantime, you are probably best using proven hair loss pills such as Provillus combined with minoxidil and nanoxidil treatments such as Spectral DNC n.