Everyone knows that breast surgery can carry a number of risks and so more and more people are opting for these breast enchancement pills.

However, for those that went ahead and had breast surgery there are some terrible results.  Check out these pictures for some terrible boob jobs:


 Pus instead of nipples!

 Breast surgery gone wrong

 That's solidified pus coming about from a very poor quality boob job that was done via the nipples.

 One Breast Nightmare

 breast surgery

 Breast surgery can sometimes result in one breast being completely lost or ruined.

 A Breast Apart

 Bad boob job

 Want breast implants?  Sometimes, poor breast implant surgery can result in breasts that sit completely separate from each other, too far to ever form a cleavage!

 Droop And Drop

 Bad breast surgery

 Just look at this terrible boob job.  The breasts aren't symmetrical, they are too far apart, they have drooped and damaged the skin and they are not even level with each other.

 Shocking Shaping

 Breast surgery gone wrong

These breast implants have not been implanted correctly and have resulted in a strange and irregular shape.

 Shocking Boob Job

 Breast implants gone wrong

 An absolutely shocking boob job that has gone horribly wrong and left these breasts in a terrible, terrible state, never to be the same again.


This blog post is to warn ladies of the problems that can happen with breast implants.  More and more people are getting breast implants and so it seems like a safe and simple option, but there are many more horror stories happening every day than the industry would like you to know about.

If you are looking for bigger, firmer breasts, then always try using a non-surgical remedy first, such as breast pills which will give you bigger breasts without surgery and at a tiny fraction of the price.